Review Policy

Our Review Policy

Genuine reviews from real people are really important to us. When someone leaves a review, it benefits everyone using our service. It shows people what we do well, and lets us know what we can do to help you better in future.

That’s why we publish user reviews – so you know what you can expect before you commit to treatment.

What do we ask people to review?

When you get medicine from us, we’ll ask you what you thought of our service and the treatment you received. We want to know your thoughts on our website, delivery, and customer service, as well as how your treatment is going – so we can make sure we’re the best we can be in everything we do.

When we ask you to review our service, we’ll ask you about:

  • how easy it was to use our site;
  • how quickly we replied to any questions or concerns you had;
  • the speed and quality of delivery.

And when we ask you to review your treatment, we’ll ask about:

  • how effective your medication has been;
  • if you’ve had any side effects;
  • how easy your treatment was to use.

Who do we ask to leave reviews?

Whenever anyone purchases and receives a treatment from us, we ask them to leave a review. This includes people who returned their order, people who have submitted complaints, and people who have requested refunds. We don’t hide any reviews because we want to give you the best picture of our service before you buy.

What platforms do we use to manage reviews?

We use a service called Yotpo to gather, curate and manage our customer reviews. It’s an online reviews platform founded in 2011 that’s used by thousands of people around the world.

Yotpo lets you write about what you think of our service, and then allows us to show these reviews to other users on our site – so they can see how others have found our service before they use us. Yotpo also makes it easier for us to manage and respond to reviews. So if someone does have a negative experience, we can easily contact them to help resolve their issue.

We also offer the option to leave feedback when we reach out through aftercare, to make sure everything is going okay with your treatment. You’re able to speak with our clinicians directly, to let us know how you’re finding your treatment (and ask any questions you might have). But this feedback won’t be published for other people to see without your permission – if we want to publish feedback you’ve left through aftercare we’ll always contact you directly to ask for your permission first (even if we’re requesting to publish your feedback anonymously).

Things to consider when reading reviews

All of our reviews are left by real customers voicing their opinions on our service and products. But if someone leaves a review expressing their experience of a product, it doesn’t necessarily mean the same will apply for you; our health and the way we respond to medication can be different to others’ experiences.

We publish these reviews to give an idea of how treatment has worked for other people, and how simple it is to use – but you could have a different experience than what you read in our reviews. While our clinicians will always examine your medical profile and only recommend treatments they think will work for you, there’s no guarantee medication will work in the same way for you as it does for others.

Another thing to consider is that reviews of medications can give a polarised view. You always have the choice of whether or not you want to leave a review, and while we encourage everyone to do so, not everyone does. People who’ve had a very positive or a very negative experience with a medication may be more motivated to leave a review than someone for whom treatment has worked ‘as expected’. So it’s possible that reviews could point to a treatment being incredibly effective or ineffective, when the (silent) majority of people have had an ‘average’ experience with their treatment.

Another small caveat to keep in mind when reading reviews is that while we give people the option to leave reviews through email, we can’t guarantee the person receiving treatment is the only person with access to that email account. So there’s a (very) small possibility that someone else with access to the email account could leave a review, instead of the person who purchased and used the treatment.

Things to consider when leaving a review

You’re always free to express your opinion when you leave a review – but we would ask that you’re honest about your experiences. It helps us to learn more about where we can do better, what we’re doing well – and helps give others a more accurate picture of what they can expect from our service. If you’re not truthful in your review, it makes it more difficult for us to improve, and can give other users misleading information.

You should never include any personal information that could be used to identify you when leaving reviews. And make sure you don’t include anything you don’t want others to see, as this could be displayed on our website.

It’s your choice

You’re not under any obligation to leave a review, ever. If you choose not to leave a review, it won’t affect anything. But leaving reviews does help us and other people using our service – so if you have the spare time, it’s really helpful.

Where can I find more information?

Want to know more about how we collect and store reviews? Check out our privacy policy or terms and conditions for some more general info on how we handle your information. But if you have any more specific questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a message and ask.

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