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Erectile Dysfunction
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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is when you’re unable to get and keep an erection that’s strong enough for sex. Most men experience it, and often it’s just a one-time thing. But when it keeps happening, it’s something you may need treatment for.

And that’s where we come in. Talk to us to get expert advice. We’ll show you what medications are safe, so you can pick the option that suits you best.

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This page was medically reviewed by Ms Laurenmarie Cormier, Nurse Practitioner on August 02, 2022. Next review due on August 01, 2024.
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    Erectile Dysfunction: Here's what we've got.



    The one you've heard of. Works in 30-60 minutes and lasts for up to 5 hours.

    • Starting from CAD127.00



    Comes as an on-demand pill that lasts for 36 hours, or as a daily dose that's active all the time.

    • Starting from CAD146.00



    Like Viagra, but cheaper and works in the same way. Non-branded version of the original ED drug.

    • Starting from CAD121.00
    Tadalafil-blister (1)



    Like Cialis, but without the branding (so it's cheaper). 'Weekend' and daily options available.

    • Starting from CAD141.00



    Lower dose pill. Better option if you're older or have a pre-existing condition like diabetes.

    • Starting from CAD142.00



    Non-branded version of Levitra. Works in the same way, but cheaper.

    • Starting from CAD134.00



    An orodispersible ED medication you don't have to swallow. The tablet melts in your mouth.

    • Starting from CAD119.00

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    What is erectile dysfunction?

    Sometimes known as impotence, erectile dysfunction is when a man has persistent problems getting and sustaining an erection. Sometimes, this may be:

    • difficulty getting hard enough for sex
    • or not staying hard for long enough for sex to happen.

    How long it needs to be happening for it to be medically defined as ED is a subject pretty open to discussion. There’s actually a scale called The International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) which gives men an ED ‘score’ based on their erection habits over the previous month.

    Normally, a clinician will be able to tell if you need treatment by asking you a few questions about your symptoms and general health.

    Who gets ED?

    About 50% of men over 40 (so it’s quite common). But you can get erectile dysfunction at any age.

    You’ve probably seen the TV commercials for ED medication. Older men strolling with their partners across a sunset beach. These ads target men in this age group, and it figures. Because as men get older, they’re more likely to develop health problems like high blood pressure or poor circulation. And these conditions can make it harder to get an erection.

    But ED affects young men too. As well as the physical side of it, there’s the psychological side. In a new relationship, you may feel pressure to satisfy your partner for example, and this can lead to ED. Or you may be stressed at work, which may also trigger it.

    So in fact, the answer to the question “Who gets ED?” is anyone (and in some way or another, at some time, probably everyone).

    How common is erectile dysfunction?

    It depends who you ask. Some health bodies have suggested that about 50% of men over 40 will develop erectile dysfunction. And a study of the condition in men under 40 estimates that a quarter in this group will get it at some point.

    Unfortunately, the nature of ED means that many men won’t seek help for it. So it could well be more common than we think. But experts reckon that most men will get some form of ED at least once, even if it’s only short-term.

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    Medically reviewed by
    Ms Laurenmarie Cormier
    Nurse Practitioner
    on August 02, 2022.
    Meet Laurenmarie  
    This page was medically reviewed by Ms Laurenmarie Cormier, Nurse Practitioner on August 02, 2022. Next review due on August 01, 2024.

    How we source info.

    When we present you with stats, data, opinion or a consensus, we’ll tell you where this came from. And we’ll only present data as clinically reliable if it’s come from a reputable source, such as a state or government-funded health body, a peer-reviewed medical journal, or a recognised analytics or data body. Read more in our editorial policy.

    What causes erectile dysfunction?

    Lots of things can lead to ED. It can be down to physical problems (being overweight or having high blood pressure), psychological problems (anxiety or depression) or a combination of the two. Even tiredness can trigger ED.

    ED can also be triggered by an underlying health condition, like diabetes, or it can be an early sign of heart disease. So if you keep getting erection problems, you should see a clinician, as these conditions need to be treated too.

    In the body, ED is caused by loss of circulation to the penis, where the arteries at the base of the penis contract and don’t let blood through. An enzyme called PDE5 plays a part in this, and makes the arteries tighter.

    Treatment for ED works by countering the effects of PDE5, so blood can flow into the penis, and help it to become erect when you’re aroused.

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    Does ED always need treatment?

    No. Sometimes making lifestyle adjustments can make it go away. If you drink a lot of alcohol, smoke cigarettes or take recreational drugs, curbing these habits can help with erections.

    Being overweight can be a factor in ED too, so eating a healthy diet and exercising more is a good solution as well.

    You might get erectile dysfunction if you’re anxious about sex. And talking to someone about it, whether it’s your partner, a friend or a therapist, can make all the difference. If you find that having conversations about it doesn’t help though, medication may be recommended.

    Which erectile dysfunction pills are best?

    It’s down to personal choice on your part really, and your health background.

    Viagra is a household name and has been around the longest, and some would argue it’s the most successful treatment for ED.

    The generic, Sildenafil, is less expensive, but has the same active ingredient in it, and functions in the same way in the body.

    The benefit of Cialis is that you only have to take one and it stays active for up to 36 hours (other ED drugs average about 4 or 5 hours).

    There’s also a smaller dose version of this designed to be taken every day, called Cialis Daily. With the everyday version, you’re ‘ready to go’ all the time, and you don’t have to wait around for the drug to take effect (it takes half an hour to an hour for most others). Tadalafil (generic Cialis) is cheaper and works in exactly the same way.

    As well as being a licensed treatment for ED, Tadalafil is an approved option for BPH (or benign prostatic hyperplasia) which is when you have an enlarged prostate. So if you experience BPH and ED, Tadalafil can treat both conditions.

    And then there’s Staxyn, which is said to be better for older men or men with pre-existing conditions, like high blood pressure or diabetes.

    What about MUSE?

    MUSE is a ‘urethral suppository’ – basically a very small pellet you insert into the opening at the end. You can use MUSE up to seven times in seven days, so there’s quite a lot of flexibility with it. On that basis, if you’re looking to have sex frequently, MUSE might be one of the better options for you.

    Applying the pellet takes a bit of getting used to. But because it’s a locally acting treatment, it works faster than pills – usually within 10 minutes of application.

    We don’t offer MUSE at the moment. Before you use it for the first time, a doctor or nurse will need to explain in person how to use it.

    Injections for erectile dysfunction

    Another prescription medication for ED is injections. You may find that tablets aren’t the right treatments for you, or that your body doesn’t tolerate them. Like MUSE, ED injections such as Caverject kick in very quickly (within five minutes) and they contain the same active ingredient (alprostadil) so if you’re looking for fast results, injections can give you that.

    You inject these medications into the penis directly, and you don’t need to be aroused in the first place for them to take effect. If you’ve not used them before though, you should see your doctor in the first instance, as they will need to show you how to do it.

    You shouldn’t use injections any more than three times a week (and not more than once over any 24 hour period).

    We don’t currently offer injections for ED, so we’d advise speaking to a doctor in person if you’ve tried the highest dose of tablets and they haven’t worked for you.

    Can you get erectile dysfunction pills over the counter?

    Most are prescription only. The only licensed ED treatment that doesn’t require a prescription is Viagra Connect. It’s a rebranded version of the 50mg dose of Viagra, but it’s not available in the US.

    Erectile dysfunction: FAQ

    Have something specific you want to know? Search our info below, or ask our experts a question if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

    Can you get side effects from ED treatment?

    Yes. Some mild side effects are quite common, don’t cause any problems and go away after the first couple of uses. Headaches, a stuffy nose or mild aches and pains in the muscles are examples.

    There are other possible side effects that can be a bit more uncomfortable, such as stomach pain or dizziness. You should talk to our clinician if you notice these. They might suggest a different drug or lowering your dose.

    It’s rare, but some men experience serious side effects from ED drugs. This includes getting an erection that won’t go down, loss of hearing, problems with vision or chest pain. If you notice anything like this, you should go to hospital immediately.

    Is there a link between erectile dysfunction and alcohol?

    Drinking too much alcohol can cause temporary ED, or make existing erection problems worse. There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that alcohol dulls the senses and desensitizes us, meaning the nerve signals that transmit arousal messages in the body don’t work as well. Another reason is that drinking alcohol increases blood pressure, making the arteries tighter (including those at the base of your penis).

    The best way to avoid alcohol induced ED is to limit how much you drink.

    What about natural remedies for erectile dysfunction?

    There are some herbs and homeopathy therapies that have been claimed to effectively treat ED, but the scientific evidence that they work is thin.

    Some natural or alternative treatments for ED can have serious side effects, and because they aren’t prescription medications, you won’t go through any health checks before taking them. So in some cases, herbal ED remedies can be dangerous.

    For this reason, it’s better to consult with a clinician before taking any kind of treatment for ED, be it prescription, non-prescription or otherwise.

    Why should I buy ED medication online with Treated?

    It can be tricky to know where to start with ED treatments. But with a Treated subscription, we’ll help you to find just the right medication for you. Let our clinicians know about your health, and we’ll recommend options that are safe and suitable. And from there, the choice is yours.

    We’re flexible too. Once you’ve chosen your medication, you can choose how often you’d like to receive it, and the quantity of it as well. So you can control your own delivery schedule.

    You may have questions about your medication once you’ve started using it, or you might find that you’re not getting what you want from it. You can reach out to our clinical team anytime. They’ll also get in touch with you regularly to see how everything’s going. If you’d like to switch to a different ED treatment, or adjust your dose, you can.

    And if you want to change, pause or cancel your treatment at any point, that’s in your hands too.

    What does Viagra do?

    In short, the drug in Viagra, Sildenafil, dilates blood vessels at the entrance to the penis. This helps blood flow into your penis more easily, and helps you get firmer erections that last for longer.

    Okay, so a bit of background on erections. When a man gets aroused, the brain sends signals to the body that tell vessels supplying the penis to open up. This lets blood through into the penis, and fills up a stretch of tissue called the corpus cavernosum. It’s a bit like a sponge, and when blood flows into it, it gets full and stiffens up — and this is what gives you an erection. At the same time, the brain tells other vessels near the penis to tighten up, to keep blood in this sponge tissue — and this is what makes an erection last.

    When men get ED, it’s because blood can’t flow into the penis. This can be because the signals telling blood vessels to open up aren’t working very well, or because there’s a circulation problem stopping blood moving around the body properly.

    Sildenafil is called a PDE5 inhibitor because it blocks an enzyme (PDE5) that tightens up blood vessels. By stopping this enzyme, the drug allows better blood flow into the penis, meaning better erections.

    How effective is Viagra?

    It changes depending on the dose. In clinical trials :

    • 62% of men using the 25mg dose of Viagra reported better erections;

    • 74% of men taking the 50mg dose said they had better erections;

    • and 82% of men using the 100mg dose reported improved erections.

    This doesn’t mean that you should take 100mg straight away. Yes it’s stronger, but it isn’t guaranteed to work better, and is more likely to give you side effects. When you and a clinician are choosing a dose, you should go for the lowest dose that you think will work.

    If you take Viagra and it doesn’t work as well as you expected it to, tell us. Our expert can discuss other doses or medications that could work better for you, and you can switch any time.

    Viagra and alcohol: what are the rules?

    Having just one or two alcoholic drinks when taking Viagra probably won’t make much of a difference. Larger amounts of alcohol are a different story. Drinking too much can make it more difficult to get an erection, and if you do this at the same time as taking Viagra there’s a good chance that it won’t work as well. So it’s a good idea to keep any drinking you do sensible.

    Can you buy Viagra over the counter?

    You can’t get Viagra over the counter in the USA (at present). All doses of it need a prescription from a practitioner. This is because a healthcare professional will need to check that it’s safe for you before you use it. If you take certain medications or have a medical condition, it might not be suitable for you.

    There is a version of Viagra you can get without a prescription in the UK, called Viagra Connect. It’s the same drug as the 50mg dose of Viagra but with different packaging. But this isn’t available in the US.

    What’s Viagra Connect?

    Viagra Connect is a repackaged version of Viagra that’s only available in the UK. It only comes in one dose: 50mg. Clinically speaking it’s the same drug. The main difference between Viagra and Viagra Connect is that you don’t need a prescription for Viagra Connect. It’s a pharmacy medicine, so a pharmacist can sell it after doing some checks to make sure it’s safe. Unfortunately, it isn’t yet available in the US.

    How safe is Viagra?

    Viagra is generally thought to be low risk. Some men get side effects from using Viagra, but most of the time these are mild and disappear after a couple of uses. Headache is the most common, and stuffy nose and facial flushing are quite common too.

    Some men are okay with these side effects, and find signs like facial flushing reassuring because it helps them to know the drug is working. Taking acetaminophen and drinking plenty of water can help with a headache if Viagra otherwise works fine.

    More harmful side effects tend to be uncommon or rare. But it’s important to know what these look like so you can get help if you need to. So make sure you read the leaflet.

    It’s not as safe if you take it at the same time as using recreational drugs like poppers, and you shouldn’t use Viagra if you’re taking a type of medication called nitrates. Again, read the leaflet, and tell us about any medication you’re taking.

    We know things can change. So if you’re subscribed to ED treatment and start any new medications or your health changes, tell us. Our experts can discuss options with you, and adjust your treatment to fit around you.

    Is Sildenafil just a cheaper version of Viagra?

    Sildenafil is the generic name for Viagra. Because it’s not a brand-name medication it’s usually a lower price. There isn’t really any difference between Sildenafil and Viagra other than the way the pills look, the packaging they come in and how much they cost. With Viagra, you get the iconic blue diamond-shaped pill and the brand-name box. With Sildenafil, you’re more likely to get a standard round, white pill and the box might be slightly less exciting. But because they’re bioequivalents of each other, they should both work in exactly the same way.

    This means that Sildenafil won’t be any more or less effective than Viagra. But plenty of men willingly pay more for Viagra because they like to use the name brand.

    So in answer to the question: is Sildenafil just a cheaper version of Viagra? Yes, usually.

    With Treated you’ve got the option of both Viagra or Sildenafil when selecting an ED treatment.

    Is Viagra the best tablet for ED?

    Not always. Viagra is the most recognizable and well-known ED tablet. But there are alternatives to Viagra for men who find that it doesn’t work well. Cialis (Tadalafil) is a tablet that does the same job but works for up to 36 hours, Stendra (Avanafil) has a faster average response time of 15 minutes, and Levitra (Vardenafil) is a more potent drug and is thought to be less likely to cause side effects.

    None of these tablets are officially hailed as the undisputed ‘best’ but Viagra and Sildenafil are the first port of call for men with ED because they’re the most widely available (and the generic version of Sildenafil is cheap).

    We carry all four so you’ve got plenty of options if you try one and it doesn’t work.

    What do I need to know when buying Viagra online?

    Viagra, Sildenafil and all other ED tablets are prescription-only medicines in the US. They can’t be offered by any seller that isn’t a licensed pharmacy, and when pharmacies do offer these medications, they need to do checks (consultations) to make sure they’re safe. So before you buy Viagra online, always make sure that the site you’re on has or works with an NABP-accredited digital pharmacy and the doctors are licensed to practice in your state.

    When you consult about Viagra or ED treatment online, tell us about any health conditions you have or any other medications you’re using. This will help our experts to find a treatment that’s safe for you.

    Can women take Viagra?

    This may seem like stating the obvious, but Viagra is a tablet for erectile dysfunction, so it won’t do anything for you if you don’t have a penis. There is a drug called Addyi (flibanserin) which is nicknamed ‘pink Viagra’ or ‘female Viagra’ because it treats low libido in women (hypoactive sexual desire disorder). But this drug is in no way similar to sildenafil and works in a completely different way.

    Viagra should never be taken by women or anyone who doesn’t have erectile dysfunction.

    How does Cialis work?

    The short version? The drug in Cialis, Tadalafil, relaxes blood vessels near the penis. This boosts circulation so blood can get into the penis more easily, meaning better erections that stick around for more time.

    (And now for the slightly longer, biology teacher explanation:) When a man gets aroused, the brain sends chemical transmitters into the body that tell blood vessels near the penis to open up. This lets blood flow into the penis — specifically a bit of tissue called the corpus cavernosum. This tissue soaks up the blood like a sponge and stiffens up, and it’s this that makes an erection.

    When a man gets ED, it’s usually caused by a problem with signals being sent by the brain, or poor circulation. Tadalafil is a type of medicine called a PDE5 inhibitor. PDE5 is an enzyme in the body that tells blood vessels to close. By stopping this enzyme from working, Tadalafil allows blood vessels near the penis to dilate, so blood flows into the penis. It also helps to close other blood vessels to restrict blood flowing out of the penis, and this keeps blood in the corpus cavernosum, helping the penis stay hard.

    How effective is Cialis?

    Cialis works well for most men on the first or second attempt. In a study of men taking Cialis, on average 81% of men using the 20mg dose found it improved erections. This included:

    • 86% of men who had mild ED

    • 83% of men who had moderate ED

    • and 72% of men who had severe ED.

    So if you take Cialis, the chances are high that it will work.

    With a Treated subscription you’ve got the option to change your medication if it isn’t right for you. So if you’ve tried Cialis and it hasn’t worked well for you, tell us and we’ll help you find something else.

    Is Cialis prescription only?

    Yes, you will need a prescription for Cialis before you can get it from a pharmacy. This needs to be given to you by a doctor or qualified pharmacy prescriber after a consultation. This is so that the clinician can make sure it’s safe for you before you take it.

    Is there a cheaper version of Cialis?

    Yes. Tadalafil is a generic medicine that does the same thing in the body as Cialis. You can get it as both a weekend and a daily tablet. The main differences are that it won’t be made by Lilly (the company that makes Cialis), the tablet will look different (it won’t be yellow) and it will come in a different box.

    Tadalafil isn’t any less effective than Cialis. Generic versions of tablets like Tadalafil need to be proven to work as well as a brand-name medicine in a lab, before they can be sold.

    At Treated, you’ve got the option of Cialis or Tadalafil. So you can choose the version — generic or brand-name — that best fits your life.

    Cialis vs Viagra: Which is better?

    Apples, oranges. They’re different drugs, so it’s not a straight up better or worse comparison. Some men prefer Cialis and some Viagra. The biggest difference between Viagra and Cialis is that Cialis lasts longer (up to 36 hours instead of up to 5 hours) and there’s a version you can take every day (Cialis Daily). On the other hand, the generic and brand-name versions of Viagra tend to be cheaper.

    On the efficacy front, there isn’t much to choose between them: the effectiveness rates are pretty similar (82% vs 81% for the maximum doses).

    But if you’ve tried Viagra and it doesn’t work great, Cialis might be a better option (and the same goes the other way around).

    If you’re not sure, consult with us. This helps us to get to know your health, and our experts can take you through both options and lay out the pros and cons of each.

    How can I buy Cialis online?

    Knowing where to start with ED treatment isn’t always easy. And we know the best option isn’t always the first one you try.

    At Treated, we’re about helping you choose better. Consult online and tell us about your health to get helpful advice from our expert clinicians. They’ll show you which medicines are safe, and give you some info on each. But the final choice on treatment is yours.

    We know being able to fit your treatment around your life is important too. So you can choose how much medication you get and how often it’s delivered. As well as the power to change, pause or skip deliveries any time you like. This is healthcare on your terms.
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