Ms Laurenmarie Cormier

Clinical Content Reviewer
Ms Laurenmarie Cormier
Clinical Content Reviewer

Laurenmarie is a Nurse Practitioner based in the US. She formerly worked with Treated as a Prescribing Clinician. She reviewed content on our site to make sure it’s clinically accurate too, and you’ll see her reviewer card on pages she checked.


Chamberlain University
Masters degree – Nursing (MSN)

Rhode Island College
Bachelors degree – Nursing (BSN)


Massachusetts Board of Nursing


Emergency medicine


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Pages clinically reviewed by Ms Laurenmarie Cormier

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Mini pills


One pill, one hormone, once a day. Birth control that's better for you if you can't take the combined pill.
Birth control

Combined pill

Pregnancy protection. Help with PMS. Find the birth control pill that works best for you.
Combined pill


Safest category pill that reduces heavy bleeding. Same hormone mix as Aviane and Lutera but a higher dose.
Stop smoking


Generic version of Chantix. Helps you quit by reducing cravings and making smoking less appealing.
Erectile dysfunction


Like Viagra, but cheaper and works in the same way. Non-branded version of the original ED drug.
Hair loss


Like Finasteride, but the branded version. Gets to grips with the enzyme that causes hair loss.

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